I'm Anne Shirley, everybody on this island is Anne Shirley
9/7/2005 11:18:00 PM

I'm sitting here in my knickers as I write this. I have an Anne of Green Gables costume on. It's been hanging in my room since yesterday, and finally I had the urge to try it on just now.

Yes I am going to be able to kick some kung fu ass in this dress quite nicely, it has lots of room to kick. It would seem that my dream 3 years ago of my trying on an Anne costume was a premonition of this moment.

I will have to get my knickers adjusted tho, they keep falling down when I start kicking.

Yes Anne has always weaved her way through my life, but I'm the real Anne Shirley dammit. I mean I grew up only a couple of miles from the Lake of Shining Waters. I was practically a red head, well no, but I am fair skinned, and as a kid I had freckles.

There was that time I tried on an Anne wig at the Anne Store and looking in the mirror and freaked myself out. I saw the freakel freckled face heroine staring right back at me in the mirror.

Ok, that was me going off there, I know I'm not the beloved heroine, but I do know that I will act her in a short viddy, like she's never been acted before. That I can guarantee. The rest is up to Hollywood.

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