pinkie and the FedEx guy
4/20/2002 1:33:00 PM

First he gets irrate about the FedEx guy leaving his packages outside our door, not requiring a signature. Arriving home at lunch to discover yet another package just sitting there waiting to be scooped up by passers-by. It's a good thing we live in a nice building.

The mood goes from irrate to calmer, to anxious about the contents of the box. "Phase 3 complete", says Vee. The arrival of his HD, RAM and sound card means that there's only one more phase to go until the grand day of assembly of the new "Danish-Super-Uber-Computer". Did I mention that vee is Danish? (Crazy Danes with their uber-computers. :)

I think I'd like to paint my car this summer. When I was a kid my Dad used to do autobody repair and I'd get to sand and mask the cars before painting. I wish I'd learned more from my father in the art of autobody repair. I always wanted to learn how to weld. (God I hope that's not an 80's flashback to FlashDance.) Lil pinkie Geo sure needs some help. I have some big old rust holes over the rear tires. It crossed my mind that perhaps I should paint the car black, red, white or yellow, instead of the hot pink it is now. That might make it easier to sell if I ever wanted to. Who would buy this car?

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