can't talk and seg!
9/28/2005 5:10:00 PM

What's great about working for yourself is you can get up early do a day's work in the AM, then have your afternoons free to get out there and see people.

I looked at 4 houses downtown this afternoon. There were a couple that I could see myself living in. But nothing seemed to fit perfectly. For the price, I think I'd still rather have a new house built with the design I have chosen.

After the house hunting, I tried to get Dana on the snowboard gear wagon. We went over to visit Brett to look into getting the rest of the gear she needs for the season.

While in Stratford, we stopped in to visit PJ at Great Hobbies. I had met PJ a couple of times already at our house, and actually saw him one day ZIPPING down Kent street on a Segway. He offered to give me a demo sometime, so I jumped at the chance to max it out in the parking lot. FUN FUN FUN!

PJ teaches us not to try and turn it at high speed!

I will admit that I thought Segways were gay when they first came out, but once you ride one you kinda get all futuristic and crazy. PJ summed it up, 'can't talk and seg!'. It was a rush. Retarded I know, going 20Kms/hr...a rush, but that's the best I can describe it.

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