thank you Erno Rubik
10/2/2005 9:25:00 PM

Out at my folks place today, I was looking for my karate patch. It seems we have to have a Shotokan patch sewn on our gi's now before competition and gradings.

I'm looking for my patch, in some old boxes of stuff I have here, when I stumble upon my rubiks cube. It's all mixed up so it's edges are mesmerizing. You can't walk away from an unsolved cube. I'll just do one side. I always started with the blue side as a kid, so I began to solve it first. Then the middle layer...this is harder. When I stop thinking my hands start to remember the sequences to solve it.

It was a very surreal experience, because what I used to be able to do in about a minute, took minutes and minutes. Hmmm. Try this, nope. Try that. Oh what about the double whammy move, moving both left and right sides to the posterior side. Shit that worked.

You can't stop when the top and middle level are solved. I have to check my laundry, I just heard the dryer stop...but wait, the bottom corners are next. I found it interesting that my hands started moving the cube without much thought. The patterns grooved into my brain.

About 25 minutes later, I magically, get the positioning right to solve it. It's all about what side should be the front face, before you start the sequence. It feels damn good.

Today there's nothing better than looking at a totally solved rubik's cube. I may have to take it back to town with me. I found that familiar rush a little addicting. Now, if I only still had my table top Ms. Pacman. OH BOY what a rush that would be!!

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