non stop running for a couple of hours
10/17/2005 9:58:00 AM

It's always reassuring when you play games like frisbee and end up having a great time. I was a regular Ultimate frisbee player about 7-8 years ago. I really loved the game, which is surprising because if someone MADE me run around pretty much non-stop for a couple of hours, I'd not likely enjoy it.

I've always been this way with sports. I can't stand running for no other reason than just to run. But give me a frisbee or a basketball, and a goal and I'm all over it.

My frisbee fun ended when my karate took over. Every Wednesday night and Sunday afternoon were now devoted to time at the dojo, so I almost forgot how much I enjoyed playing. That is until last night. We played a variation of the game in the Sobey's parking lot, that involved a box to score, rather than 2 end zones.

I think it's the team aspect that I enjoy most. I get all excited when someone makes a great catch, or awesome defending turnover. I'm still longing for snowboard season to start, but I'm at least making the best of this transition season.

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