pompous asses
4/29/2002 9:10:00 AM

I really think I'm going to start writing articles about the IT industry. Vee and I have agreed that most people can never begin to appreciate the back end development a programmer does. I can immediately understand and respect the work that he does, and vice-versa. That's usually where the admiration ends. It is a common misunderstanding, the difference between a fully integrated dynamic site and a static monster of disorganization.

The complexity of code is what draws me in, but also what makes me a cynic. After pushing your brain around complex problems, you begin to process other things much faster. Creativity is also exercised. Watching someone having trouble writing a parargraph of text is unnerving. I don't think this is something I stand alone on. See that would be the theme of the first article, "Why are most IT geeks pompous asses?"

I think I have enough material for a series...

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