confessions of an addict
11/15/2005 9:06:00 PM

It's true I admit it. I know even some of you have witnessed it... I'm addicted to Swiss Chalet sauce. It's just so embarrassing. If I'm really hungry and intend on eating all of my food, I need 4 sauces. That's not a lie. I dip the fries, the chicken, the bread, everything goes in the sauce. Tonight I thought about dipping the Lindor chocolates in the sauce. Well it crossed my right hemisphere, then my left quickly eradicated the thought.

Yes the sauce has not only creatively inspired me, but been a point of embarrassment for years now.

I've got some looks from some waitresses that seemed to say "what are you drinking the sauce", so I quickly learned to ask whoever I was dining with to order an extra sauce. Then I'd order an extra sauce, and then I'd convince my dining partner that they didn't really need to finish all of their sauce. If any of you out there suffer from the same addiction, that is how to play it. Trust me.

It would seem that today has been a very addictive day...if you can't have pho go for the other addiction.

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