5/4/2002 9:12:00 PM

My childhood was sandwiched between the ABBA and Debbie Harry eras. I remember I saw Blondie on the Muppet Show when I was a kid and thought, geeze she should comb her hair. Of course growing up in Prince Edward Island did have its sheltering effects. Not like growing up in NYC. I was reminded about all of this last night when a band at the the local bar played the most hilarious rendition of Footloose. So hilarious in fact that I was instantly inspired to write a Haiku about it. Here goes:

Footloose I got to
Cut loose Cheese Louise step back
Everybody cut

Then of course I had everybody at my table writing Haikus. I think I have a knack for writing them. This one inspired by Richard Wood as he entered the bar.

Fiddling fun time
Richard Wood is here again
strike up your bow man

I think he was flattered to have me read that one aloud to him...but then again I'm nutty like that.

Then when it turns to Star Wars and the topic always does. I had more in me.

Princess Leia said
I'd rather kiss a wookie
I have to agree

So mathematical, it's a natural rhythm 5, 7, 5. The most important things can be said in a Haliku. More seems wastefull.

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