randomize the girl with the banana
12/17/2005 11:35:00 AM

I suppose some of you have noticed I've updated my photo, so now everytime you refresh the landing page you will see a different photo. I realized the other night, that I hadn't changed any part of the design of this site, since I launched it over 4 years ago. My design back then was keep it simple stupid, so I'm glad I haven't sickened of the layout yet. I was chatting with Sandy yesterday about how I made myself hold that damn banana for 4 years now...it was time for a change.

For you sentimental visitors you can always visit the archives, where I still hold on to that banana, and reminisce about memories.

Of course I built the new image component with a database of images that I can easily add to...and used my favorite function this week, RANDOMIZE.

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