thank you for the snow
1/16/2006 10:50:00 PM

I am having a challenging day. Everything seems to be happening for me at once today. Ren won't stop barking in the hallway, while I answer my cell phone, AND hold on, there's another call coming in. That happened twice. While I open even more email, regarding things that need to be fixed and updated. Ren why are you doing that? I swear the dog wants nothing but for me to take a break.

My cell log shows 14 calls today. All while I'm trying to develop some flash banners, and recode a photo gallery using an array for the recordIDs, to pull the photo listings from a database.

I think that when you are trying to write code, the WORST thing that can happen is have a phone ring in your proximity that you have to answer. I need an assistant just to take calls. Oh wait there's a knock at the door. Who's that on msn, what do you want my status is busy! Jeeeeeeepppersss!!!

I want to dig a big hole and jump in.

Thank god for karate and snow today or I'd start to get the January blues.

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