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1/25/2006 10:25:00 AM

It has been 2 years since I set up my wireless network. I left it open for the past two years as a nice neighbourly thing to do. It seems that technology has caught up. Back then there were more computers that didn't have wifi than did. Now it would seem it's the opposite.

I was checking my router log file this morning, and I noticed that 11 systems have a DHCP lease on my network. We have 4 computers here, and my neighbour Jeff makes 5. That's 6 other systems that have been sharing our bandwidth. I mostly connect thru the LAN, ugghh yes I know ugly Cat 5 cable, because the signal isn't as strong as I need it from my desk, to work without suffering any connection speed.

The other day I had my laptop in the living room where the signal is fairly strong, and I was trying to browse the mls site, but it was taking forever to load the page. FOREVER translation: SLOWER than a modem on a 56kbps connection. As thoughts of someone downloading a movie on bittorrent fill my head...I make the decision.

It's the end of an era. Just like the free loving 60's got passed over to a disco inferno, my open wifi is now WEP enabled. Sorry, bandwidth is a commodity I can no longer freely give.

The nice thing though, over the 2 years there are 3 more wireless networks in the area. All of them open.

It does lend to a debate about the use of wifi. I personally have always been of the opinion to share, as I also connect to other networks freely. This brings up a really valid point about use though. If you are connecting to a free network, are you going to download massive files and use all the software that allows others to connect to your system for file sharing?? Or do you check your email and browse the internet not hogging the bandwidth that you are given without cost?

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