lobster with anne
5/12/2002 11:07:00 PM

There is one thing about Prince Edward Island that I love, especially this time of year. Lobster. Vee and I had an awesome dinner at my parents for Mother's Day. We took a drive out Route 6 through Cavendish on our way there. I love that it's beautiful and empty, the calm before the tourist season.

So we are driving along and we are almost up to the main intersection in Cavendish, when we both see it, look at each other and laugh. "It" was basically a bunch of "Anne of Green Gables" things. I guess we found it a little funnier after working at the Confederation Centre for a few months. Anne creeps into your life. It's funny to drive through Cavendish this time of year because without all of the visitors everything seems to stand out, and look out of place.

Earlier today I tried to memorize the dojo kun in japanese. I think I strained my vocal chords saying it over and over in a monotone voice. I could feel my throat tense up. I've never lost my voice before. It freaked me out a little.

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