master sorter
2/7/2006 8:02:00 PM

Today at the grocery store the trainee proceeded to overpack one bag then insist that she needed to double bag it. Which I don't quite understand, as it seemed to be rather complicated getting everything stuffed into one heavy bag, rather than sorting the goods by hard vs. soft and dividing the lot, making it easier to carry as well.

Give me something to organize by category and I'm all over it. No wonder I love database design. One night at Tash's she gave me a bowl of assorted beads and a near empty egg shell carton and I began the sorting madness. I don't know why my brain is at ease doing this type of activity.

It's like my left brain is busy doing it's thing, "it seems that we have this all under control Lorrie, look there's a blue bead a similar size and shape as those" and my right brain is "hmm, what would happen if you and Tash and Einstein were all in an elevator." Free to associate whatever pops in there.

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