one armed jeweller
2/9/2006 3:21:00 PM

I'm sitting having a coffee break at Timothy's with Tash this morning. She's beadin away, every now and then looking up at me as she describes the events that took place since we saw each other Monday. Turns out she went to a seminar about exporting yesterday, and she was pumped full of ideas about selling her jewellry on eBay. I was the nodding supportive friend. Thinking what a perfect fit for her, another market to explore with her hand-made gems.

Tash: "So the dude is telling me that I could unload my jewels online easy. You become a merchant, then you have this online store on eBay where you can sell your stuff. He went on about me needing a story."
Me: "Oh, what do you mean a story?"
Tash: "You know a story, like Seagull Pewter has this story that their artisans can look out the window and be inspired by nature."
Me: I gotcha...a story.

I pause here unintentionally as I just have to buy in to that story. Yes I can see the artisans, looking up from their pewter making for a moment to stare out the window and soak up the beauty of Pugwash.

Me: "I got a story for ya."
Tash: "Oh yeah?"
Me: "Yeah. Tell them that you only have one arm. That you are a one armed jeweller."
Tash: "OH MY GOD!!! HAHAHAH!! That's awful..."
Me: nodding and laughing thinking I may have pushed this one too far. Way too far. "You could get me to do a little viddy of you making your jewels one handed with your mouth!"

I wonder if that horrible scheme would work, oh wait, my inner thoughts just became my interweb thoughts again. Lesson learned: just because you have a creative idea, it doesn't make it right. Publicly embarrasing myself for over 5 years now.

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