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2/15/2006 12:43:00 PM

Being a geek you code away, thinking whoo hoo it's working. That's until there's enough data to do a valid test. At this time all hell can break loose, with your ego. However your calm inner geek, who isn't concerned with ego only wanting to get the correct results, wants to keep trying different code until it's right. I love FOR loops now, they are so time saving but require a certain precision. One number off can cause the results to be erratic.

Joy to the coders out there who push numbers in FOR loops. Joy indeed when it works.

shizamo says:
being off by one can cause major problems
Vee says:
haha, it sure can
shizamo says:
i was doing this for loop from 13 to 28 step 1
shizamo says:
based on looping thru fields
shizamo says:
it was giving everyone the wrong schedule!
shizamo says:
shizamo says:
now fixed, by changing from 14 to 29 step 1
Vee says:
lol, hate those off by one errors
shizamo says:
Vee says:
the are never like 'off by 15', always 'off by one'

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