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2/27/2006 10:28:00 AM

I'm looking forward to the ECMA Awards show tonight. I haven't really been out much this weekend. My roomates have been going pretty steady with the party music scene since last Wednesday. I'm not really interested in drinking my face off listening to bands anymore. Hmmmm. I'm getting so civilized. My weekend was spent looking at modern prefabricated house designs online and working on websites. I'm going for a ride in the country today to get the beemer's oil changed. Sometimes I still struggle with my work week.

Working for yourself means you have the choice of working every single day for a few hours. Working all weekend and taking a day in the middle of the week off, or sticking to the 9-5 Monday to Friday schedule we have programmed into us since preschool.

I naturally lean toward the working every day for a few hours. It can be bad though if you don't take a day and not work at all.

For example I spent 2 hours Friday afternoon, coding a loop within a loop for two recordsets with a for loop inside one of the loops. It wasn't overly complicated, but I was getting an infinate loop each time as my results. I had to drive to Moncton with Tash around 5pm to pick up Moe at the airport, so begrudgingly I stopped working but took my laptop with me. I don't like stopping when the puzzle isn't finished. Sitting in the car chatting with Tash, I start writing out the code, having time to think about what I'm trying to accomplish. What I wrote is the code that was error free, and thought about my sql statments that were causing the problem. SQL can be so finicky.

Then when at the Moncton airport about 10pm, I uploaded the page with the new code with their wireless network, and was able to get the data I was looking for. It's so easy for me to work anywhere, that I have to be careful to take days where I'm not working at all.

I am learning that by living more organically, by moving off the 9-5 you can get more accomplished and with less low times where you just aren't productive.

It is a challenge when you are working with others who need to remain on that schedule for whatever reason, but I do feel I have found a place off the grid where I can exist peacefully. Now if I can build that dream house there...Ahhhhh.

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