let's form a committee of lurchers
3/6/2006 9:58:00 PM

Today was one of those non stop days. I've been moving from task to task, project to project. I realize the importance of working "with" others today. Big jobs can be broken into smaller tasks and assigned.

Am I too much of a control freak to have anyone else do anything for me? I have learned today that there are only so many committees that I can offer my time to without feeling like I have nothing left for myself.

I've been thinking too, this whole idea about a committee. Which is really just non-paid staff. It makes me think I should put together a committee for my next project. Any of you out there interested in joining my committee? Boy my idea would come together in no time then.

Which brings me to my next train of thought. Now that Tash has her own blog, we were discussing the other day how many people are actually reading your site without ever posting a word. I call 'em lurchers. A term used in chat rooms for those who sign in and just read the conversation and never post a comment, really no different than that. The interweb is filled with lurchers. Come out, I invite you to say hi, who you are, where you are from.

I'm tired today. I feel that I can only give so much.

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