tecknologick Tammy
4/12/2006 2:25:00 PM

Tammy is sitting over there, asking me all these questions about web hosting, and domains.
Tammy: "What is my wwwroot folder?"
Me: Your root folder is the folder your website is in.
Tammy: "What if I move my host after a couple of months, but I'm on a year contract?"
Me: They will bill you for the year, unless you have month by month arranged.
Tammy: "What information am I looking for?"
Me: Your domain information, you need to know your login info to point your domain to a new host.

There are alot of things I know about hosting websites that just seems so common to me, but for alot of people it's a reason for their eyes to gloss over. Case in point, Tammy. Why would she know about it, it's not her area of expertise.

I guess I should be sharing what's in this ole head with others. There's probably lots of Tammy's out there who are confused about web development. Now don't even get me started on file sizes. I've received more than a couple of files in my email this week, that were over 2 mbs. 2 MB Attachments. Geeze, and from some who should know better. It's not like I'm on dialup, but those who are, god help you.

I just get pissy when I have to wait longer than a second for each message to download. It's always the work email you really want that is after the large attachment, so you have to wait and wait and wait until the bloated one comes in. But I guess image sizing is a whole other topic that just comes easy to me, while most I talk to, don't know you can get information on the file size before you attach it to an email.

For now, I'm happy to give Tammy some insight into that wonderous world of DNS servers and web development. She's got to get her feet wet slowly. Don't want to scare her too much, after all she knows about an FTP account already. God love her.

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