4/16/2006 3:55:00 PM

Well I'm sitting here, slightly nauseous. The room is spinning slightly. I just played a level of Halo2 with PJ and I'm feeling kinda queasy. A bit hungry and yes, the coffee I was drinking can't have helped, but I realize just now that I'm a lightweight at first person shooter games.

The first time I played I did not too bad. We went thru 2 levels and I learned about straffing and I spent most of my time running around with my gun pointed to either the sky or the ground. It was really hard getting around corners. You have to use both thumbs. Whoa, what happened to games where you just used one joystick to move around.

Then the second time we played I was flying in this aircraft and couldn't keep my eyes on the horizon. Pj noticed on his screen that I was flying in crazy circles and he quickly turned off the game. "Did we finish the level?" "Yes, we finished the level."

He noticed that I was turning green before I knew it was possible to hurl from a video game. I then spent the next half hour trying to calm the nausea. Even looking out the window at the horizon, didn't stop the spinning.

It's been over a month since that day, so I thought I'd be good to play again. Now I know to watch for the queasy feeling and stop before I get really ill. Hey, I made it thru a level today without barfing.

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