fitc06 day 1
4/22/2006 10:00:00 AM

Yesterday's sessions were great. It was very cool to see Josh's direction for the last year. What a dream client too, BMW.

I got inspired in Margot Q Knights session, as she discussed the traits of creative people. Her work was influnenced as a child by her parents medical books. I remembered in that session that I used to pour through, do-it-yourself encyclopedias as a child. I was always fascinated how things fit together.

It gave me some more ideas for the piece I intend to submit to the "Robots" show next month at Peake Street Studio.

In a more technical session with Aral Balkan, he shed light on the amount of open source development with the Flash platform. I had no idea. What a great eye opener. I'll be downloading some open source flash projects now for sure.

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