fitc06 day 2
4/23/2006 11:20:00 AM

I must admit, the party at the Drake Friday night, helped me miss the first session Saturday morning. I did catch Geoff Lillemon's session in the morning though and it was really cool. He's certainly in the top percentile of people who are working completely in a creative manner for their own purpose first, then the purpose of a client second. He mentioned when asked by napster how to sell things, his response was "why don't you do the obvious thing and just hypnotize people." I found this hilarious, and he showed us the very effective commercials that had come from that idea.

Josh Davis was sitting right behind me at Geoff's session and we were both cracking up at Geoff. I spoke with Josh after the session and asked him how he hooked up with Kayne West as a new client. He said they contacted him to do a piece of artwork using the bear in one of this videos. He was telling me that they offered to mail him the bear, and Josh refused knowing that he would do obscene things with the bear. I could immediately see his angle there.

So often I am experiencing another creative individual's work here and so appreciative that they have found their path and ability to excel at what they do. I took in mostly creative presentations yesterday, so their was much inspiration by the end of the day.

Robert L. Peters had a great session on identity and global perspectives. His studies over his lifetime of graphic design practice revealed that identity is projected, and image is accumulated. That we are all unique which really makes us all the same. Robert has a very relaxed manner speaking, and I could easily have sat and listened to him talk for a second hour. His talk was filled with insight and examples that drove the point home.

It was during Geoff McFetridge's session that I realized as much as I've embraced code and programming, that I am a designer to the core. He described how designers see images as language. That they see things differently. We are puzzle solvers, constantly using that area of the brain everyday. He's done some wonderful gallery installations based on his graphic design. I especially like his sneaker design, that featured pin stripe shirt material that once worn off would expose his artwork on the shoe underneath.

Only one more day of sessions, and so much inspiration already.

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