beemer remorse
5/23/2006 6:53:00 PM

I'm thinking of selling the BMW. I've really been drawn to a Subaru lately, for the AWD. I'd love to find one that is fully loaded with a standard transmission. Likely hard to find, but I do miss shifting gears. Having a 6 cylinder car is not economical on gas. Then again I'm comparing my gas milage to a 4 cyl. Geo Storm. That car would go forever on a tank of gas.

I was turned on to the Subaru Outback a month or so ago after sitting in one with a sweet leather interior. I'm somewhat spoiled now. I never want to see a cloth interior again...even if it's a "deluxe cloth interior". That is hilarious, "deluxe cloth" if it's cloth sweetie, it's not deluxe.

It's more of a family car I'd admit, but after getting used to the size of my 525i, I don't want a little car anymore. The Toyota Matrix would be about as small as I'd want. I'm sorry I just can't imagine driving a Smart Car. I think I'd rather be on a scooter. That's so un-ECO of me to say likely, but I can't imagine surviving an impact in one of those. I'm sure they been designed and tested to withstand crashes, I just can't get over the mental block it would take to be driving down the highway going 120kms in one of those. You'd feel every crack on the road! It's tough. I love my BMW. I think I'm just writing this in remorse for having made the decision to let it's 6 cylinders of awesome power go.

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