fuzzy bottoms
6/9/2006 10:25:00 AM

I found a couple of wicked 60's plastic chairs in the street trash near the dojo about a month ago. I put them in the back seat of the beemer and took them home. They have a chrome base, with a very cool clear plastic moulded (brown) chair back. The seat of the chair was a crazy 60's inspired printed vinyl with a brown and yellow color scheme. They were tossed because the vinyl was all ripped and the old foam was exposed.

Yesterday evening I went to Fabricville, and well there's a whole other post I could make about the freaky place that Fabricville is...but I found some new 2 inch thick chair foam, and I was looking for leather to recover the base of the chair with. They only had vinyl faux leather, so I decided to go with a white shag faux fur for the base of the chairs.

When I surprised PJ last night with the fabric, the first thing he said was "Whoa! I know this fabric well. I made some fur chaps for one of my electric circus outfits with this fabric!! Those fur chaps were then recycled into about 5 other outfits!"


How can you not just love that? Kinda makes me giggle.

These chairs will be a subtle tribute to PJ's fun memories as a dancer.

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