taking my extra curricular activities seweiously
7/5/2006 10:44:00 AM
A letter I composed yesterday to J-Ro Shizzle of Sketch22.

Yo yo J RO!!

I'm in!!! I'm good to go both nights this week! I chatted a bit with Graham, and we discussed making my title "Traffic Control Merchandise Director" or TCM Director, but since I have thought about adding Security to the end of it, as my black belt may come in handy ejecting rowdy patrons. Since you are the boss I suppose "Front of House Manager" as noted in the Guardian will suffice.

Also Monica expressed interest to volunteer this summer. I was excited about having a trainee, and I told her that you were ultimately the guy to speak with, but of course, if her name was printed anywhere it would have to be following mine as I would have higher seniority. I'm assuming you would back me up on this.


Lo J

TCM Director/Security Sketch-22
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