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7/7/2006 12:01:00 PM

Last night was a memorable night. I was so stoked to see Sketch-22 open. I'm about to tell you the negative that goes along with the positive. Always balance there is. (in my yoda voice.)

As I was selling t-shirts and dvds, before the show started, getting people pumped about Sketch, entering them in their great contest this year, I had a lady ask me about a painting in the gallery at the Guild.

She was artsy looking, greying hair, in her forties, with those artsy square glasses. When I told her about the contest, she said so frankly, "I know those guys why would I want to hang out with them as a prize!"...Ok..? She then asked if their was a book to the art show. I said I didn't know, she could ask the 2 girls working at the box office, they work for the Guild, but I doubted there was a book. Wrong thing to say I guess! (Turns out there was a sheet more like what I expected.) She then unleashed all her blocked artist agnst on me. "YOU NEED TO GRAB A CLUE" she said, "there's more going on in this building than this show." My out loud voice said "WOW!", while my inside voice said something I can't repeat here.

Apparently, she didn't hear me when I said I didn't work at the Guild. True, it may be the first time I walked into the building in over a month. If she didn't know about the whereabouts of a "book" how the hell should I know. I walked in off the street the same as her. However, she made her point known, yes the Guild is about arts. It was her tone of superiority that stung though. I wished I had asked her if it was heavy walking around with those chips on her shoulder, but you always think of those things to say long afterward. It's amazing how many people out there just want to rain on others parades. I don't know if she was envious of the fantastic turn out for Sketch, or ignorant that Sketch was an artistic venue as well.

It's times like this that make me ponder and do a check. Now perhaps, I need to try and understand where she is coming from. Maybe her work was in the show, and she was upset that it wasn't getting the attention it deserved...but to insult someone so quickly, to make assumptions based on a few words is a mistake.

I am a supporter of the arts. In fact I was likely the only person working in the building last night who wasn't paid to be there. I volunteer my time to support the ART I believe in. If anyone should have come off feeling inferior, it should of been her for being so judgemental. I take great pride in being able to help others, either with my time or with my own creativity.

If I were to wear the judgemental shoes, I might ask, "Who does she think she is, and what does she do to help others?"

My guess is that she does little to help others, and is so self absorbed she can't even begin to enjoy herself. She must have been really envious of me, having such a great time getting people involved and helping out.


So on to SKETCH. It was a fantastic show. They always surprise me every opening night. The range of material this year is fabulous. I already have my favorite characters. Hooray for such a talented troop of comedians. I especially want to shout out for Harmony. The newest member of the group and a wonderful female role model. (Unlike miss artsy pants at the start of this rant) Harmony shined as the Froggies frog, and looked quite at home surrounded by all the guys. Here's to another great season of Sketch-22!

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