King of the Frog Bog
7/10/2006 10:02:00 AM

I took my niece to Sandspit on the weekend. She won a prize at the Frog Bog. The same frogs were there since I worked there in 1988. Now there are missing legs on em and they have mold covering parts of the squishy rubber.

I thought that would be a fun place to revisit. I used the know the inner workings of that place. I knew that when the guy working the can toss made change for me, that he was taking our $4 for himself, instead of putting it into the can.

I knew the zombie state you work in, loading and unloading the rides. Unload, take their tickets, load it up. It was a little creepy weird, almost like looking at myself as a 17 year old.

I met some great people then, not patrons, but fellow staff, who busted their butts in the scorching heat for minimum wage. Ahh summer on PEI.

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