a sketchy night
7/27/2006 11:56:00 AM

A summary of my spaghetti dinner evening with Sketch22...not necessarily in chronological order. My comments in grey. Other comments by Sketch22. I've not mentioned names to protect the identities of the particular members.

"Do dragons get burned?" Yes I think they do. NO they don't they have protective scales that prevent that. Well I think they get burned.

"You ever play monopoly?" There's a monopoly game in Europe that doesn't have paper money, just debit cards. That's cool.

Graham your place is so big. Yeah that's not all that's big about Graham...his...personality is pretty big. Yeah and my...heart is big too!

I was in a golf cart with GPS. Shit that takes the danger out of a game of golf doesn't it? There's still the accidental FORE! Yeah but were you ever in a car with GPS?

Yeah! Were you ever in a car with GSP! Gaydar Sensory Perception. It's a device that can detect Gays. It's marketable to both the homo and hetero market, one to avoid them, and one to head right to them.

Look at this rock. Half of it is blue! What the? It's a rock from Jupiter, it turned blue on reentry. I never turn blue on reentry.

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