Any gal can wear glasses and make them look hot behind the wheel of a BMW
8/29/2006 1:47:00 AM
I decided to keep the beemer and celebrate that my first beemer is well fu*kin smokin! I think I forgot who I was for the last 10 months. I decided to replace the tires and all of a sudden the power of 6 cylinders is hot again. I mean you can even wear glasses and people still check you out when you are driving this car.

Long live German engineering!

I snapped these in the drive thru on my way to sketch22. Which if you haven't seen yet, you really should. If anyone doesn't enjoy this show I have to say "how long can you enjoy your uptight panty waist lifestyle?" Come out and see it this week, you won't be disappointed.

so long sucka
passing and staying power

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