massive packet confusion
9/8/2006 10:32:00 AM
I've talked Darlene into buying a wireless router last night. It was so easy really, cause you can get one here for like 39 dollars. Alot of stuff is cheaper here. Canadians, I'm discovering, pay a retarded amount of tax.

So we get the router all installed, then I manage to hit the off switch on the surge protector, while pulling out the cord for my laptop. Since the wifi was plugged into another outlet, the cable modem powered down while the wifi stayed on.

Massive packet confusion.

I ended up power cycling the modem and wifi, and trying again. There was just one glitch, and that was Dar's workstation has AOL installed. Dreaded AOL. So the AOL firewall, detected the belkin router...which amazes and pisses me off in equal measure.

I decide to power cycle again, this time using my laptop as the hard wired system to configure the router. I'll let you know how it goes...I'm posting this by tapping into someone else's weak wifi in the neighbourhood.

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