10/3/2006 5:21:00 PM
Moving on is hard sometimes. I tend to linger even though the signs are clear and it's time to get going. Old jobs, old friends, old boyfriends, old places to live. It's hard to let go sometimes.

I have to say, I tend to question the universe. I bet it's setting me on the right path, but it's never the way you expect. Thus the struggle. You think you need to keep these old things when really you need to let go and move on to the next things. The things that are aligned with your purpose.

I do know that things pretty much do work out for the best. So those things I'm holding on to...well sooner or later they will realize what they've lost, be it expertise, productivity, support, friendships, etc. I'm just now starting to realize what I've gained. Insight.

My insight today is this: if you are faced with a tough decision and you know the answer already, for god's sake don't linger. Have the balls to deal with it promptly and move on.
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