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6/15/2002 8:40:00 PM

"Well you really should buy the Future Shop warranty, I know this model is covered by JVC but we will replace the stereo within 60 days if anything goes wrong." says one of the many blue shirted friendly sales reps (all 17 - 28 yr old guys I might add - all but one.) "umm...ok" I say. "So did you want to buy the 1 year plan at $19.99 or the two year...." I zone out here. I don't know if I'll still have my car in two years? It is getting old. "The one year warranty is fine," I say once there is a pause in the sales pitch. "So the installation is free right?" "No, the installation is $29.99." "umm..ok" I say. God did I think I could get away with just getting the stereo? "So I'll ring this all in now, and after the installation the guy might need to add on some parts..but you can pay for them later." (Jeeze, 20 bucks here, 30 bucks there, I think the total was $100 more than the retail price of the stereo.)

But it sounds wicked. Of course I upgraded to a cd player with a removable face plate. I no longer have to plug in my portable cd player into the cigarette lighter with a mess of wires going into the cassette. Or worse when my stereo crapped out I had to use my headphones. That can't be safe.

So now I'm busting around town, chillin with my tunes. Who would have thought returning a movie was something to look forward to.

One thing struck me while I was at Future Shop though. They had this Father's Day ad campaign around the store. A big poster of dad with the latest gadgets. Then I thought, would they ever do an ad campaign for Mom with the latest gadgets? I bet not, hmm wait, unless it was an appliance or pda or something, stressing our organized with a obsessiveness for cleanliness nature. I want to be the kind of mom that you buy a video camera for, or the latest stereo or new laptop. Then again I don't know that many moms who rate PI in their top ten list of movies. I haven't thought about giving myself a lobotomy with a drill since the first time I watched it, but I've gained a much deeper appreciation for mathmetics.

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