time flys
11/21/2006 6:10:00 PM
Time flys! I can hardly believe I've been in Toronto a month. Tash arrived on Sunday, so we got to hang out last night, and catch up.

I took her to Pronwood Estates to meet Jeff and Andrew. I know so many ISLONDERS here now. ISLONDERS from away...now. The tables have turned.

I've been at the office all day. What a long day. Time to get a good nights sleep, but I have a feeling that may not happen with the whatnot and the whatnot.

I'm looking forward to going to Chicago the musical this Thursday. Moe got us tickets and it should be an awesome evening. Way to go mo mo! I may have a hard time even thinking it's possibly better than Anne of Green Gables - The Musical. That will be tough to concede.
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