the beach is that way
6/24/2002 10:26:00 PM

A couple of girl scouts, that's what we were on Saturday night. In no time at all my cousin Sandra and I had a fire started with only wood, newspaper and one match. Ok, so not such a big deal when you have all that. Meanwhile Vee and Kirsten sat on a log watching the event unfold. (They are "from away" ) That's we we call foreigners around here. You could live here for over twenty years and you'll probably always be "from away".

With the sea winds blowing onto the shore, we had a blaze in record time. What a way to bring in the summer.

Now as I type this my right hand feels really cold, I put DEEP COLD on it to ease the pain. (I punched Malcolm in the fist tonight during kumite by accident. ) I'm wondering what the hell they put in that stuff to make it work like ice? That can't be good for you. I think about weird things too much after the fact. After it's too late to wash off. It feels really nice though, really nice chemical. ahhh...

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