I'm a speedy chopper!
1/30/2007 7:13:00 PM
Some images from the Science Centre visit on the weekend. I got nauseous watching the Omnimax film, Wired to Win. It was almost as bad as playing first person shooter games. Well not that bad...almost. Geeze imagine playing video games on that screen. Ok that would have made me hurl for sure.

I had trouble deciding what part of the massive screen to watch. The movie about the Tour de France made me want to go biking soon. I'm not one of those winter bikers...you know the ones that bike all winter. I respect the Trek too much to put it out in the salt.

There's so much to see at the Science Centre, I'll definitely have to go back again. The changing light corridor was fun.

red room red room
see little things amuse me

This was a camera that had something to do with a fish tank with real fish in it. The checks on the floor did something in the tank to freak them out. The whole thing was projected on a wall My god, I just read what I wrote. I can't believe in all my geekiness I didn't find out more about that display. I guess at that point we were rushed to see the movie.

Then my favorite... The karate chop tester!!! Yes that's right. My top speed was 87 kms, but I was so excited about doing it again that I didn't take a pic. My top pic...81 kms. Heee. Frecks top pic, 64 kms.

Good times in the name of science.
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