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2/27/2007 2:46:00 AM
You ever notice that weeks can go by and you are doing a lot of the same things. Patterns emerge.

I love discovering patterns. Earlier this evening actually, I found myself staring at my shower curtain, trying to determine the pattern within the randomness of Ikea dots. Of course, having a knowledge of flexographic printing techniques had me searching for the repeating grid.

Yes patterns. I remember wallpaper at my first boyfriends parents house that had these little girls from the 60's or 70's. Interesting, I must have spent hours looking at that wallpaper.

God that sounds crazy.

Does anyone else do this? Of course, the hours were broken up over many mornings of waking up and letting my eyes do what they do best.

Analyze. Create order.

I had a conversation with my friend Peer this evening about his study of video game addicts. I told him about my addiction to tetris. Again, this makes total sense to me because you must create order from randomness to play the game. You also begin to build based on negative shapes you can create. I LOVED getting the skyscraper block to blast 6 rows at a time.

Peer told me I wasn't fuc*ed up enough to study. He was analyzing the diehards. Those who can no longer function in the world, or at the very least, be productive.

PI, one of my favorite movies, reveals patterns in nature that are based on the mathematical function.

Our brains, when performing tasks repetitively, create patterns of firing synapse.

My childhood brain absolutely loved patterns.

Geeze I just realized that my favorite games all required pattern analysis. The rubiks cube, SIMON ( I could play that game until it ran out of algorithms, and would just BLOOOOONGGGGG!!), battleship, (that one drove me nuts, I used to use the top part of the pegboard for random peg placements...the ghost ships that I knew were there, slowly altering the pegs after scientific calculation..."C9 - HIT!") Ms. Pacman. (Yes I figured out the best pattern for each level to get the score to go over a million points causing it to go back to zero.) and mastermind. (Ahhh the color game. That game actually taught me to use intuition as part of pattern analysis. My cousin liked the color red.)

And here I sit tonight, trying to break some of my patterns. I haven't stayed up this late in months. I have an 8am call in the morning, but it seems more important right now, to break my pattern. And you know what...already my brain is firing and creating new pathways.

Ahhh. I love new ideas.


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