weekly binary update
3/5/2007 5:55:00 PM
Lo's binary guide to this week's events:

Streetcar's that can't go around cab's with broken axels, causing you to switch routes and take an extra 30 minutes to get downtown. (0)

The unnecessary overuse of the term "mirror-world" in William Gibson's novel "Pattern Recognition". (0)

Facebook's privacy policy (0) Yes I believe in the conspiracy that the C I A is harvesting data from Facebook. Oh dear you know my status and who my friends are so what...wait and how I met them, and photos of me, and where I work, and where I went to school.

The little wetsuit protector (second skin) for my macbookpro. (1)

Chicken Quesadilla's from the "Roastery" just off Spadina. (1)

Reconnecting with old friends on Facebook. (1)

Icy walkways causing you to crouch like a ninja as you exit the house. (1)

A dent in my macbookpro. Boo. (0)

Toronto, the city where wearing Dr. Martin's never go out of style... (0) except in the gay village.

Ugg boots. (0)

Holt Renfrew (1)

Closing down the Gardner due to falling ice from the CN Tower. Way dangerous. (1)

Falling ice, closing the Gardner causing more traffic on Queen and King streets, making the commute from the west end to downtown longer. (0)

Being approximately 3 blocks away from Pho at most times. (1)
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