Canadians oui?
7/2/2002 11:28:00 AM

Happy Birthday Canada!

I think I like Rufus Waynewright now. I thought he'd be older. I might have to get his cd and have another listen. I, like many here, had never even heard of him before. The dealy with the open concert before the fireworks, now that was a nice touch. And connecting BC, Canmore, Ottawa and Charlottetown together, nice too. What was with the chicken and Ford commercials though? Everytime a chicken farmers association commercial came on these guys behind us yelled and cheered "yay chicken!". You see that never gets old to me. I laughed everytime.

Kinda sad though that the captive audience had to watch cbc commercials. Maybe it was just me but I sensed some tension between jonovision and boomer the local weather/horse-race-calling guy. I think jonovision was making fun of boomer in his own way. Islanders are very particular about their weather guy. I told my parents one night that I could hardly stand to watch Boomer after seeing Dhar McBoul in Calgary. Now Dhar does a nice job of the weather. But Boomer, well I'm sure to offend a large Island audience by saying that Boomer does the weather like a horse race. But my parents, like most Islanders just love him. "Oh he's so much better than that Kathy one that used to do it." Hmmm....they both get the same information how could Boomer be better?

...they're coming around the bend...up in Yellowknife a cool 13 d- e - g- r- e - e -s....and that's your local weather. OK GUYS let's wrap this quilt around me...OK GUYS let's play hockey...

OK BOOMER, why do you always start talking as soon as your segment is over?

And how about that Marc Gagnon, what a cute happy fellow he is. So smiley, kinda gives you a warm feeling right down-do-yourr-tos.

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