my last vice
4/17/2007 11:06:00 PM
It was while staring at the label "Product of Poland" Chickory, wheat gibbersh instant coffee...Where am I? Oh yeah, Po Frills on Bloor, in search of decaffeinated coffee.

It seemed like a challenge I was up for. Freq decided to quit smoking, and I wanted to offer support. I've already quit smoking over 6 years ago so coffee is really my last vice.

My last addiction.

It's true, I get a massive head ache if I don't get a coffee within 3 hours of waking. It starts in between the eyes and rolls out to the temples, today even going as far as my ear. I got a god damn ear ache from caffeine withdrawal. Is that even possible?

It was there staring at the label that I questioned my sanity. Could I stop drinking coffee? I sometimes get excited shortly after waking when I realize that soon I will be enjoying a hot cup of coffee. I've looked forward to the street car downtown for that hot cup of Starbucks at the end.

As Freq discusses that he's going to buy a pack of nicorettes to get him over the worst part it's then I realized that I've quit coffee once in my life.

It was a depressing time.

Not stimulating in the least.

Yes, I managed to quit once with a suitable placebo. SANKA, came to the rescue and tricked my mind (with all that roasted chickory) that I had enjoyed a hot "instant" cup of real coffee.

Whoa, let me rephrase. How real can instant be? How do they get the caffeine out? Obviously I am delirious writing this as I've only had one cup of black tea this afternoon.

In general, I'm still happy. I got really excited today when my Wallpaper magazine came in the mail, so I'd say everything else in on par.

However it's only the first day.
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