FITC good times...it's a wrap!
4/26/2007 5:41:00 PM
Criag Swann's session impressed me. Such a refreshing view of using Flash with physical devices to connect the human experience. His sessions are always great as he demonstrates an entire new way to think about interacting with computers. I like that he challenges himself to play outside the usual manufactured methods. His latest creation, a color palatte connected thru USB, that triggers a key press function and assigns a specific color value. Cool stuff. Most of his work lately is installations for galleries and I can see why. He creates an experience for the visitor, by working on the concept of non traditional ways to pass variables with human interaction.

Craig said at the end of his session when allowing for questions, that we could share our new ideas with him based on what he had shown. I drew a blank, but it seems that my unconscious mind was working on an idea from the end of his session to the next day, when I came up with a fun idea to use human interaction and data collection in a whole new creative way. I thank Craig for the inspiration on that one.

I'd like to really express my gratitude to all of the presenters this year. They all gave insight, or shared their creativity and methodology with attendees and that's what makes a really great con. Getting inspired and seeing the work and play of some of the best in the industry. So my list of personal thanks as these were the presenters who's sessions I attended.

Ryan Wolman
Tony Cleave
Mike Kelar & Mikey Richardson
Evan Roth
Mike Downey, Tedd Patrick and Kevin Towes
Angus Kneale
Fraser Campbell & Jon Morley
Thierry Loa (Dr Hello)
Steve Oakes
Craig Swann
Mario Klingemann
Brendan Dawes
John Maeda
Ben Fry
Patrick Keenan & Alan Smith
Ron Gervais
Greg Goodfried & Miles Beckett
Robert L. Peters
Robert Lindstrom & Staffan Lamm

You'll notice my session attendance was perfect! That's a first as well. With the nighttime events that are just as fun as the day it's easy to get lured out too late, and just want that extra hour or so in the morning to ease into the next day. I decided that this year I was going to maximize my attendance to get the most I possibly could from all that great influence. Also it's my fourth year attending FITC so I know you need to reserve some steam for the 3 days in a row non stop.

Here's my favorite quotes from some of the sessions I attended:

"Ideas are our currency." - Mikey Richardson

"I wanted to see how long it would take to get top rank for 'bad ass mother fucker' on Google." - Evan Roth

(H)API : "see that just looks happier." - Craig Swann

"Take risks with creativity." - Brendan Dawes

"...it goes from good to great, because of the insertion of nothing...a point to think, the pause is really important." - Brendan Dawes

"The mundane journey turning into something magical!" - Brendan Dawes

"Vacation is actually a very good technology." - John Maeda

"The computer isn't very smart" - John Maeda

"Eye Candy...no Eye Meat" - John Maeda

"I tend to think of designers as poets." - Robert L. Peters

"A lot of what design is is all about seeing the invisible." - Robert L. Peters

Holly, a former student, and the second year design students and Nigel are all on their way back to PEI now. What a wonderful way to end their college experience.

I told Holly and Dave that next year I'm attending the FITC Amsterdam con. WEEEE!

The awards party was fun, and Amber Mac did a great job hosting. "Yeah we Charlottetowner's rock!"

Shouts out to Alfredo and Tai from Philly. I met them 2 years ago at FITC and then ran into them at the awards party. It went down like this: "Alfredo!!??".... "Shizamo!!"

Happy times at FITC!
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