5/27/2007 1:30:00 PM
I've been playing Nintendo with my niece this morning. I didn't realize that Dr. Mario is as equally addictive as Tetris.

Dial-up is really cramping my urge for work on web development. I would love to connect to a wireless connection about now.

Looking forward to Sunday dinner with Jeff's family.

We had a fantastic hike on Friday evening to the beach close to my parents house. I've been going to that beach since I was a kid. There's a lot of history there. Many memories, bonfires, walks...with past friends. I often go there alone for perspective at every major change or era.

This time we explored the rocky cliffs and walked further than ever. It was a little scary at a few points during the way. There were short ledges to walk around then down onto rocks. In fact, walking on those rocks is likely the most meditative activity besides karate that I've done. Your mind only conscious of the next step. Likely why I enjoy Tetris so much, all of the focus on the next block.

I felt a real connection with that place, it was great to share that with Jeff. He seemed more relaxed than I've ever seen him for months in Toronto.

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