mad rebels who don't know they are getting conned
6/5/2007 11:58:00 PM
While walking through Sobey's in Summerside to buy some nachos and salsa, we determined that it might be better to buy some con queso instead of salsa. The only thing was, the con queso was at the end of the row, which meant I would have to walk back to put the salsa on the shelf where I found it.

Jeff takes the salsa out of my hand and puts it on the con queso shelf. I protest internally.

"People are paid to keep the shelves tidy." As soon as it comes out of his mouth a bag of Tostitos falls off the shelf. I immediately pick it up and put it back. Off we go with the Tostitos con queso.

Later on, in a different section of the store we found Old Dutch con queso. We look at each other then replace the Tostitos con queso and pick up the Old Dutch. My protesting less now on the second offense.

I felt like such a rebel.

I've never done that before.

I decided that there is a whole lot more going on here than what appears at the surface. Why is there salsa, nachos and con queso products in three different locations?? I realize the store is huge, beyond huge... massive, but I think there is some consumer psychology going on. If you see the same thing a number of times then maybe a little voice goes off. Buy me. Are you sure you don't want to buy me. Yeah I knew you wanted to buy me.

Jeepers maybe I shouldn't go shopping if I'm going to analyze it this much.

At the checkout:
"Jayzus I feel like I've been so out of touch with Brangelina."

Obviously it's been a few weeks since I've been grocery shopping. Is this what the customer experience has come to? Nutrition pushed aside for product placement and entertainment rags.

Putting this in a marketing perspective, I came to the conclusion that some local without proper marketing training came up with the following display: A wall of cans, with a barbeque on top. I didn't get it. Maybe that was sheer brilliance. Likely. Here's my subconscious flow of thoughts as I now interpret the strategy.

[Shit, it's the last chance to overwhelm the hell out of you!! We need massive confusion here. You don't get it do you??!! You don't even comprehend this display! You want some cans don't you??! I know you are thinking about cans just look at all these cans turn around and throw some of these cans here in your order.

Air miles! Swipe! Ahhh! Points. Loyalty rewards.
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