Swedish engineering! vroom!
7/20/2007 9:07:00 PM
I'm so excited. I finally bought the next dream car in the sequence.

My BMW was sold last year when I moved to Toronto. No need of a car here I thought. Boy was I wrong. Eco-friendliness aside, there are times when carrying groceries home over a KM doesn't make sense.

I wanted a car that had all of the features I loved about the BMW. Heated seats, AC, sunroof, foreign, surpurbly engineered. And the following features my beemer didn't have, manual transmission, car alarm, and 4 cylinder engine. Come on, who the hell needs a 6 cylinder vehicle when you never get out on the highway more than once every couple of weeks or so. I carboned up my BMW engine driving from Charlottetown to Stratford all the time.

The new car had to have everything I liked and look cute. Aesthetics take precedence it's true. And not for vanity, for pure design. I couldn't look at a domestic car in my driveway everyday. Call me a snob I don't care, it's not about ego it's about form and function.

I did my research and the more I looked at Saab's the more they grew on me. It was like someone took my BMW and squished it into a cute little hatchback. SOLD!

Here she is, a 95 900 (NG - new generation Saab, this was a redesign of the earlier models when GM took part ownership of the company.) Which in my opinion just fixed any flaws on an almost perfectly designed car.

My new SAAB!

Yes, I have been watching too much "Top Gear".

I can't wait to take this baby out on the highway. I can tell it's going to be a fabulously fun relationship.

When I studied the silhouette of the Saab, a fond old memory formed in my mind. My first car was a Hyundai Pony. That car became synonymous with my reckless driving in my 20's. Who cares if you smash up your beater? No wonder I was attracted to the hatchback version of the Saab line. There's my reckless Pony but all grown up. A little like me.
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