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8/25/2007 9:40:00 AM
SRS: Supplimental Restraint System

My clutch went on the Saab a week ago. Well, just the cable, but this still required a tow to the garage to have them check it, order a new part and replace the part.

Not having it for a few days was sad, cause JAYZUZ you can't book an appointment on Old Home Week in PEI!! The garage stopped taking new appointments on Tuesday that week. The following week my part was in and I get the car back exactly a week less a day later.


Now the SRS system failure light is on. The mechanic had to take the battery out of the car to replace the clutch cable, so now the SRS (airbag) needs to be reset.

How do I feel about motor vechicles using software and computers to set and reset data? I love it. That is my domain. I can understand that. A little boolean in a tiny program is the only thing causing that light to come on, instead of go off.

The only downfall is the mechanic I went to, doesn't have the unit to hook up to the computer that will read the SRS data. That would have to be an authorized Saab dealer.

The lesson I learned. Take your car to the dealer. I called around to many garages in Charlottetown and no one had that specific unit. My favorite mechanic in Summerside told me that it was $1500 for the unit and $700 each year to update the software.

Now Saab and Saturn are often bundled together, so I should be able to take it to the local Saturn dealer to avoid a trip to Halifax.

It kind of peaks my interest in that software though. It bet it's so simple.

I haven't named the Saab. The beemer was "Dr. Edvard von Beemer" cause when you had it in drive, ED or MD was lit up in the console.

The Saab is definately sad about the failure of the SRS system. I can tell. She's happy about the new clutch cable though.
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