blister trademarked
11/5/2007 7:18:00 PM
I bought new skates. CCMs, but they are total crap. I got the cheapest boys skates I could get, as I wasn't sure I'd like skating in hockey skates again. The last pair of hockey skates I had I was hmmmm, maybe 12-13 years old. I could skate like a mo-fo then.

It was all that ringette. I loved that game. I used to play white stick. Which was Center, but I also played blue stick. Left Wing. I never played red stick. That was Defense.

You get what you pay for. Turns out CCM just licensed the use of their trademark to some cheap manufacturer. Freq and I went skating last night, and I broke in my skates. I should say they broke in me...I have a big blister™ on my left foot now. It's nasty.

I might have to get the old figure skates out. I think the last time I tried them on they were a little tight, but at least they were nice skates.
Ice Queens I think. Jeeze, why does that make me think of queers on ice?

Off to karate. At least the blister is on the side of my foot, not the bottom. :)
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