Snooty water
11/22/2007 5:45:00 PM
I began drinking carbonated mineral water a year or so ago. I find it hilarious that I actually had this conversation.

Me: "Do you have mineral water?"
Them: "Yes we have Perrier and San Pellegrino"
Me: "It doesn't matter they taste the same."
Them: "Well I prefer the San Pellegrino... it has more bubbles."

WTF? I think that's one for the mythbusters. Is that even possible? Is that the height of snootyness?! And I thought I was snooty.

When as a designer, it's very clear the reason why San Pellegrino is making the top spot...the glass bottle and retro label giving it an air of snooty authenticity. Perrier went downhill getting all sporty with those icky plastic bottles. Listen, by trying to adopt a new sporty market, you've ignored your existing yuppster customers. Pellegrino even did it with the same color bottle, by building on Perrier brand recognition. It's the green bottle that is characteristic of mineral water.

And there was that France water scare...I don't think they've recovered. That and all the bad press plastic drinking bottles are getting these days.

I had a conversation with Cynthia last week, about my snooty water preference. She mentioned she preferred San Pellegrino too, because it was from Italy.

I told her about my absolute favorite. Gerolsteiner. It's German, and has calcium and magnesium, a clear glass bottle (so original), and comes in a 1 litre size instead of those pansy 750ml bottles. Plus it's low in Sodium.

And it has WAY more friggin bubbles!!! Gasp.

What the hell is wrong with this picture? Canadians drinking European mineral water! Don't we have a beautiful large country with water resources. A Canadian company needs to compete in this market. Get in there for god sakes...I've outlined the snooty factor, just don't screw up and model Canadian Club Soda!!
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