8/1/2002 9:30:00 AM

It's the first of August already. Wow only thirty days until vee heads back to cowpoke land (Calgary) for a long overdue trip to visit with family and friends, and I begin my adventures in "Downtown Canada" (Toronto).

I am getting through the rubble of personal belongings and gaining some order here. I've already passed on 3 bags of clothes to my niece, filled a recyclable blue bag with college papers and old artwork, and vowed to part with old books that are soon off to the nearest used book store.

I found a Yamaha turntable in my closet that I forgot I owned. I wonder if some fresh new dj will want to get their hands on that one. Check out cash converters in Charlottetown on Saturday.

It's fun giving stuff away. I gave my J.D Salinger boxed set to friends Michelle and Geoff. A Stratejackets (band) t-shirt and some early recordings to Mark, once the guitar player in the band. My french/english dictionary to Kirsten (who is moving to Montreal in the fall) and a pile of old graphic design books and magazines to Sandy at the college. Although he doesn't know it yet, as I haven't called him.

I dislike using the phone. I try to avoid it at all costs. I like to chat face to face or email. I almost never return calls. You know what? Most people call back, if they really want you. I disconnected my cell phone. Once I had my pager set up to let me know as soon as I got new email..that's different, it pertains to the realm of geekdom. What should I do with my cell phone and HelloKitty faceplate?? I could fit in better with all those upper Canadians if I connected it again. I will have to think about that one some more. But I don't drive an SUV so I should probably stand out in pinkie anyway.

The rest of this weblog will be a reminder to vee that my birthday is coming up in just seven days. (hint: My favorite color this month is indigo. Like the bookstore. )

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