happiness is a warm mac
1/29/2008 9:31:00 AM
Freck had about 2 days with Windoze Vista before he was ready to pull his hair out. Half his audio software did weird crackle things. I told him to try downgrading to XP. Turns out his HP computer, would void his warranty if he installed XP.

A Hack. Sweet. We install it anyway.

He can't get any driver support. The hardware was so new that there haven't been any XP drivers written.

Reinstall clean Vista.

Return to the store. Afterall, the nerd in the blue shirt at Future Shop even played the XP downgrade as a bargaining chip, assuring Freck that all of his software would be compatible. That guy needs schooling. He didn't mention the void warranty scenario or no driver support.

I have been taunting Freck through this whole process, "get a Mac" there's no driver issues with a Mac. Unless the year is 1999 and you are installing a version of Yellow Dog Linux on your iMac...but that is another story. (So no modem then, dang!)

My influence and support was too strong. Freck bought a new iMac. The first night setting it up last week, I was at my parents to go to a funeral, so I missed most of his firsts.

This is the first time he's used a Mac, and he's going to have to switch to different software to write music. This is fun!

He did text me a few times that first night, to ask... what software burns DVDs? Thinking immediately how XP has integrated software to burn CDs within the OS. That freaked me out the same when I discovered it on XP after moving from a Mac, and using Toast entirely for that same task.

Now we are a Mac family. My router is happy. In fact all my tech just took a big exhale.

The following week, I notice Freck on all sorts of Mac sites, downloading widgets and freeware. We have a software aquarium now, with two fish named after us. It's kind of weird to start it up and then immediately have to revive one of us, that died from lack of food. <nerd>It would be fun to write an interface to that software that would feed the fish at a scheduled interval based on their swimming activity. Thereby automating the whole care process. Who has time to feed virtual fish?</nerd>

My brother is still using his Blueberry iMac circa July 1999. He brought it to our place last week to install Mac software updates on our high speed. It's still really slow even on high speed. My brother isn't the most patient person either, so anytime he has to wait on dial up, he says "Lorrie told me to buy a Mac!"

Yes as a geek or somewhat technically inclined you are to blame for all things that stop functioning at their peak. No matter if it's email on a webserver or the speed of the dial up connection Aliant chooses to offer. Anything that generally plugs in, I get a call about.

I tried to convince my brother to buy a new iMac, by reasoning with him about price. "You spend how much in 1999? Close to $2500 to get your iMac?...A much faster one today is only like $1500."

When I say much faster, I mean delivered with 2 gigs of RAM vs. the 128 MB (that's 2 slots full of whoooping 64 MB sticks of ultra cool SDRAM. WEEEEEE! TextEdit runs so fast!!!)

Ever since I've upgraded him from OS 9 to 10.3 he's noticed a slow down. Due to the fact 128 MB was the absolute minimum required to run 10.3 smoothly. As soon as you launch an updated browser like Firefox, without even taking the slow dial-up into account you get the pinwheel.

My brother is pinwheeling himself to frustration. Ha!

"What ya doing?"


All I could do this time, was tell him to dish out the cash for a new one or let me see what we can do about upgrading the G3. Turns out that model is upgradeable to 1 gig of RAM. Yes, two monster sized 512 MB sticks will bring my brother into the year 2002. I ordered the RAM last night on OWC.

Now it's time for my lil' Macbook Pro to get some loving. After the 2G stick of RAM I got for xmas, sitting next to the 1G factory install, my Mac is very happy now running Parallels the same time as Photoshop.

My Apple Care plan is going to cover those weird little dots on my screen too. Here's why I love Apple, and Westjet. ( Well swiffer Westjet is long enough for another post, so I'll just stick to Apple for now.)

I, being the klutz that I sometimes am, have dented my Macbook a couple of times on the top lid. When my screen gets replaced to get rid of the black dot anomalies, the dents will go too, cause they replace the whole screen in one piece.

Happiness can be found within an operating system. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.
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