3/3/2008 5:35:00 PM
The starting conversation for the POST NERD MOVEMENT (PNM):
Milk Peter says:
did you just say you prefer being called a nerd
shizamo says:
yes nerd is better than geek to me
Milk Peter says:
bah..they've both become cool...so they're both bad again
we need a new word
nothigns cool anymroe
especially spelling
shizamo says:
postnerd is #FFFFFFun
Milk Peter says:
oh my lord
shizamo says:
you've created a movement
Milk Peter says:
shizamo says:
do you want me to get you a latte?
Milk Peter says:
what time are you staying here til?
shizamo says:
Milk Peter says:
you're one of those get here on time in the morning and take a lunchers eh?
shizamo says:
yes, postnerdish I know
I don't fake my postnerdieism
Milk Peter says:
postnerdish is coming in uber early, and skipping lunch
don't try and tell me how MY movement works
I'll FFuCCCCk you up
shizamo says:
that's badass
Milk Peter says:
haha....badass should be a hexcode
shizamo says:
except #FFCCCC is pink, and that's gay
Milk Peter says:
that is hilarious
is a lovely green
and it's leet speak
shizamo says:
dually effective
all the colors in the palette should be l33T
Milk Peter says:
lets go get that latte
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