desensitizing time and meridians
3/12/2008 12:08:00 AM
I'm kinda laughing a little on the inside that Montreal and Toronto got slammed with snow. I thought the east coast was the only place in Canada experiencing winter this year.

I've been messed up completely with the time change this week. I didn't do my usual obsessive compulsive change-every-clock-in-my-vicinity this year. Today, I found myself looking at the clock in the car, thinking "sweet I got lots of time." then looked at my microwave 10 minutes later and thought "shit! Where the hell did the last hour go?!"

I'm going to go around the house after this post and adjust every one. Who needs to drag the time change out a week instead of a day?

I had acupuncture today for an allergic reaction I had a few weekends ago. I woke up with swollen itchy eyes, and blamed the cat. Turns out I may have found the culprit...my feather duvet. I had it dry cleaned and I think the chemical was the cause of the reaction.

After Dr. Collins put the needles in, flawlessly I might add, I didn't feel a thing! he leaves, turning out the lights to complete darkness and relaxation for 15 minutes. I did some deep breathing focusing my energy on my meridians. Relax...relax. Hmmm.

Then I got bored.

I start thinking about kata, and decide to do one in my head. Empi. After I went thru the entire kata, I noticed a massive cramp in my right arm. I had a needle in my right thumb, and that meridian was firing like crazy. I do know that training with the mind can actually fire muscle reactions within the body.

I don't know if it's wise to practice karate while getting acupuncture.

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