The PNM will rise!!!
4/29/2008 11:56:00 PM
Vee says:
hehe neat read
shizamo says:
the comments are so pretentious
there is no difference
Vee says:
oh, i didn't read the comments, i usually don't
shizamo says:
except losers think geeks are cool now, so they deem themselves as geek, when really they are not
Vee says:
yes, its all very complicated now
shizamo says:
now the real geeks are holding on to the term nerd as their own
but it's even getting cool
both terms are therefore useless, and a coworker and I have deemed a new term
post nerd as in the post nerd movement
Vee says:
haha that's f-ing hilarious!
shizamo says:
Vee says:
haha that's awesome
shizamo says:
it's bada55
Vee says:
hah yah
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